Final Fantasy Concerto

The Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert was amazing! I was so happy to go with my boyfriend (especially since he insisted I go in Lolita and him in Aristocrat). The music was played along with videos to match, and the conductor was very funny and entertaining. They did give us a sneak peek of FFXIV, which has amazing graphics but..... I'm not too sure how well it will blow over :/ It's for solo PS *and* it'll be an MMO. We all know what happened last time they tried that >< Lets keep our fingers crossed...

As for our outfit, here is a shot Kyo took with his phone :3 (I LOVE IT WHEN HE SLICKS HIS HAIR BACK!)

New Years Eve and Lolita

 Of course the two mix >> who do you think is typing this?!

Tonight I plan to wear a Classic style for the first time. When I first became interested in Lolita, I had every intention of being Classic. It's older, safer, and more lady-like; However, the first dress I ever purchased formed a completely Shiro, very Hime, outfit. And after that, everything was sweet.  Now sweet is my staple, and I'm kind of even... contemplating wearing Hime tonight just because I'm more comfortable with Hime and Sweet. I keep eying my Baby Gingham Rose, hanging on the closet latch.... it's my favorite piece.. but I've got to let it rest, right? 
   The only thing that will really determine if my outfit is Classic or Sweet tonight is the addition of black. I most usually wear an entirely cream/ivory ensemble with my Baby Princess Skirt, excluding the white Montreals. But tonight, with a mix of high black Montreal, black stockings and a black belero and purse - the outfit, I do believe, will loose it's sweet essence and become quite Classic (with the addition of how i choose to style my hair)
   AAAhhh XD Why am I worried?! 

 I'll shut my mouth now. 

Love you all ~~ ! 

PS: I get ot eat Korean Food today and meet Kyo's bbf from the past! Wootwooot!

LJ? Back?

 So after many a long moon, I've returned to LJ.

   About a year ago I had a spell with moving, my grandfather being the hospital, and then myself ending up in the hospital... as well as the loss of my only working computer - all at the same time. Finally... I have a new one ><  I'll slowly go back and try re-friending everyone and finding everything I missed. I have no idea as to old log in information, so when I figure it all out, I'll either attempt returning to it - or moving everything over to this name. 
   But, for now, a fresh page D: ! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Now ot horde the EGL forums and spend too much money all over again >< kthnx
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